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a collective of authors, “Vademecum”

Modern Arts in Bohemia and Moravia, 1890-1938

is a book aiming to facilitate orientation in the complex process of the modern arts development. In accordance with the historical reality of the period, it understands the territory of Bohemia and Moravia as a multinational whole and, in addition to Czech artists, it follows also work of some important representatives of other nationalities.

   “Vademecum” consists of three parts. The first one is an introduction to the history of arts of that period -  a basic overview of modern visual arts schools, their main protagonists and artistic groups in the ideological, social and geopolitical context. The second part presents 88 selected artists from the field of painting, sculpture, graphics, architecture, photography and arts and crafts in a lexicographic form. Phases that significantly contributed to the modern style formation, i.e. radically opposed the preceding epochs and offered new solutions with an ambition to find a new international applicability, respectively creatively reflected them or freely interpreted them within purely personal platforms, are highlighted in their work. That is fully mirrored in the structure of lexicon texts. A need to ask new questions and find new answers accompanied work of some artists throughout all their lives, however, for some of them it was characteristic only in a certain phase of their artistic career. The third part called “Small Glossary” provides a more detail explanation of technical terms, structure and focus of artistic groups or important personalities highlighted in the text by italics.

   A particularly important part of “Vademecum” is formed by its bountiful illustrations. 645 reproductions do not serve only as a documentary material but primarily allow readers to  reach their own view on the artists’ work. The basic guide for those who would like to study it in more detail and in a broader context will be the “New Encyclopaedia of the Czech Visual Arts” (Academia, Prague 1995) and, in direct relation to the period dealt with by “Vademecum”, the synoptic “History of the Czech Visual Arts 1890-1938/1-2” (Academia, Prague 1998).

   The literature mentioned under individual monographic texts will bring attention of the interested readers to the most important scholarly studies dealing with the artists where they can find more bibliographic references. They are available in public and university libraries or libraries of regional, district or state galleries and museums. Their authors include also those who wrote the lexicon profiles for “Vademecum”: Antonín Dufek, Iva Janáková, Ludmila Kybalová, Milena Lamarová, Pavla Pečinková, Hana Rousová, Pavel Šopák.

  It is a book with an untraditional structure. It was chosen deliberately with the aim to capture the wide public and arouse interest in visual arts.


Graphic design: Miroslav Kloss

ISBN: 80-86010-63-5, 424 pages, 645 reproductions,
hard binding with a jacket, 285 x 215 cm,

Recommended sales price: CZK 1,499.00 


The book is published under the auspices of Pavel Dostál,
the Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic.

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cara1.gif (114 bytes)

Otto Gutfreund,
“Self-portrait“, 1919
coloured baked clay, h. 45 cm,
The National Gallery in Prague

Josef Šíma,
“Portrait of the Artist’s Wife”, 1928
oil, canvas, 156 x 105 cm,
The Prague City Gallery

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Vojtěch Preissig,
“Trajectories of Colour Lines 
and Geometric Forms in the Space of Swirl and Cosmic Mass Collapse, 1937-1938

combined technique, masonit, 61 x 65 cm,
private collection

František Kupka,
“Amorfa –  Fugue in Two Colours”, 1912

oil, canvas, 211 x 220 cm,
The National Gallery in Prague

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“After the Performance”, 1943

oil, canvas, 110 x 53 cm,
The Gallery of Fine Arts in Cheb


Ladislav Sutnar,
a china set for Krásná Jizba, 1928-1932

advertising photograph by Josef Sudek,
The Museum of Arts
 Architecture and Design in Prague

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Pavel Janák,
a box with a lid, around 1911 h. 12 cm,
The Museum of Arts, Architecture
and Design in Prague

Josef Wagner,
“Albatross”, 1934
stone, metal sheet, h. 56 cm,
private collection

cara1.gif (114 bytes)



František Drtikol,
“Painting”, 1930

photograph, 28.6 x 22.3 cm,
The Moravian Gallery in Brno

Jaroslav Rössler,
“Skylight”, 1922

photograph, 40.5 x 28.1 cm,
The Moravian Gallery in Brno

cara1.gif (114 bytes)


Josef Sudek,
“Apple on a Platter”, 1932

photograph, 18 x 13 cm,
The Moravian Gallery in Brno

Karel Teige,
an illustration from the book by V. Nezval,
“Alphabet”, 1924

The Museum of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague

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Josef Gočár,
St. Wenceslas Church,
Prague-Vršovice, 1928-1930

Pavel Janák,
Adria Palace, Prague, 1922-1925
(with Josef Zach)

F. L. Gahura,
“The Memorial of Tomáš Baťa”, 1933

The Regional Gallery of Fine Arts in Zlín

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