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Dictionary of Methods
Jiří Kolář

A lexicon describing and defining the collage methods of Jiří Kolář. Since the texts accompanying each pictorial example are the work of the author himself, are markable unity of picture and text results. The origins of the book go back to the 1960s. Thanks to the addition of further examples, the first Czech edition is more extensive than the French version published in Revue K in 1991. The original works to which the text referred were inaccessible at the time because of Kolář´s exile, so the present pictorial section consists of collages created subsequently to illustrate the procedures described. The dictionary has been exhibited on its own in a number of galleries around the world.

The original texts to the Czech edition were written by Vladimír Karfík and Gilbert Lascaut.

format 325 x 235 mm, 248 pages, hardback with cover


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The artist's texts elucidate his artistic methods, and allow one to understand the attitudes he takes up in life, the principles of his poetry and of his visual art. (…) … this book is one of the most thoroughly and precisely prepared art publications to have appeared in recent years in our bookshops.

Jiří Machalický / Lidové noviny


… we read the enchanting, economical stories which have - like true stories - a beginning and an end, but can still be examined as though they were diary entries of their kind, or as exciting excursions in search of the mystery of the world of modern art, whose co-creator Jiří Kolář became.

Petr Volf / Reflex