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Prague 1900 - 2000
A Hundred Years of the City of a Hundred Towers

Jan Kaplan, Václav Ledvinka, Viktor Šlajchrt
(CZ / EN / GE)

An account of a hundred years in the life of the capital city, spanning the Austrian monarchy, the first World War, the birth of the independent state and its two short decades of existence, the German occupation, the post-war re-creation of Czechoslovakia, the period following the Communist putsch in February 1948, the relaxation that came towards the end of the Sixties, the invasion of the Warsaw Pact Forces , the so-called period of „normalisation“, and the era that began with the „Velvet Revolution“ of November1989. Historical events are illustrated by a wealth of unique pictorial material from the archive of Jan Kaplan, the English documentary film-maker of Czech origin who for many years has been collecting Pragensia of every kind from all over the world. This includes not only photographic collections, historic literature, posters and magazines, but also such everyday items as maps, calendars, postcards, and commercial and advertising material.

(Chosen as Photographic Publication of the Year 1999.)

format 325 x 235 mm, 256 pages, hardback with cover

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The authors have succeeded in juxtaposing historical events with the everyday life of the city. Prague is for them not only a tragic place of national catastrophes - its centuries-old image is here put together from a mosaic full of irony, absurdity and paradox. (…) By a method both fascinating and free of cliché, they have mapped the development of varied branches of hu-man activity from craft and trade to culture. 

Jana Machalická / Lidové noviny


Whoever is a lover of period photographs, postcards, posters, bygone drawings, prints, and such relics as old theatre programmes, stamps, film posters, eye-catching advertisements and the certificates and Sokol membership cards of our great-grandfathers, let him not hesitate to leaf through this voluminous publication on Prague 1900 - 2000… 

Vladimíra Hoštová / Večerník Prague


A richly illustrated book (...) which begins with a horsedrawn cart on an idyllically empty Charles Bridge and ends with a sketch in which Milan Knížák brings the Žižkov television tower colourfully to life. Between the first and last page stretches an image of the life of our city perceived from the point of view of those who made a selection out of an enormous num-ber of documents and photographs of the time. One of a number of possible images of the century just passed. 

Naďa Klevisová / Hospodářské noviny