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Gloria Et Miseria 1618 - 1648
Prague during the Thirty Years War
Jaroslava Hausenblasová – Michal Šroněk
(CZ / EN / GE)

1998 was the 380th anniversary of the beginning of the first all-European conflict, in which the Czech lands and their capital city Prague played a significant role. In 1618 the Czech Estates Revolt (the second Prague Defenestration) broke out in Prague, an event with consequences of European proportions. The last significant military operation of the war also took place here: the taking of Prague Castle and the Lesser Town by Swedish troops, and the siege of the Old and New towns in 1648. The authors do not examine the phenomenon of the Thirty Years War solely from the perspective of military history, however, but concern themselves equally with the cultural and spiritual life of the period. They illuminate episodes of war by contrasting them with peaceful times, everyday life and outstanding events. The text is accompanied by photographs of artefacts documenting the standard of living of those days, from perfume bottles to funeral escutcheons of Prague guilds; from children´s toys to university theses and proto-newspaper chapbooks.

(The book won third prize in the Most Beautiful Book of the Year competition 1998.)

format 325 x 235 mm, 256 pages, hardback with cover


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The composition, execution and visual accompaniment of the text deserve recognition. For the first time we can fit a face and outline to what was possibly our country's most tragic pe-riod, for which the authors have succeeded in finding much previously unknown material.

 Ivo Kořán / Týden


The historians have focused their interest on the one city which may only for a short time ha-ve played an important role in world politics, but which has throughout been the scene of dramatic events expressing the discordant spirit of the age. The aim of the text is not to pile up an exhaustive pile of facts and their detailed analysis, but vividly to capture the essential fea-tures of the complicated situation of the time. Of equal value is the unusually abundant visual accompaniment to the text.

Viktor Šlajchrt / Respekt


… this book is the most complete work on the period in question, a synthesis combining his-torical and art-historical viewpoints.

Pavel Vlček / Ateliér